Security Surveillance and Associated Equipment

Our Services in  Security  Surveillance  ranges  from  supply,  fabrication, installation and life cycle maintenance of the following:

  1. Entry and Exit Gate Automation.
  2. CCTV system — indoor I outdoor I PTZ cameras with DVR, NVR and recording mechanism
  3. Under Vehicle Search System (UVSS) at building entry gate
  4. Electromechanical barriers at entry, exit and parking gate
  5. Armored I Fire safety door
  6. Tire Killers to prevent wrong entry I exit of vehicles
  7. Walk Through Metal Detector Gate
  8. Hand Held Metal Detectors
  9. X-Ray Baggage Machine
  10. Anti-Shatter Films
  11. Large I small venue Multimedia Projectors
  12. Large I small venue Projection Screens